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Bali Green Spa - Day Spa - Garden Spa - Indoor Spa

Bali Green Spa - Day Spa - Garden Spa - Indoor Spa

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Bali Green Spa, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

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Professionaly Trained Staff

Natural Products

Bali Green Spa only uses organically grown natural ingredients that we buy early, every day from local farmers so they have the optimum amount of active vitamins and minerals. This ensures you will gain the MAXIMUM benefit from any treatment(s) taken with us.


Due to Bali's constant sunlight and volcanic soil which is rich in minerals, local fruits and vegetables have very high mineral and vitamin contents. This greatly improves the removal of toxins from the skin and reduces the time taken for your skin to rejuvenate and recover it's healthy, natural glow.


We make our massage oils from freshly pressed coconut oil and other natural vegetable sources and the highest quality aromatherapy oils made from local flowers and plants.


We freshly prepare all of our body scrubs, body polishes, herbal compresses etc. for each guest after they arrive for treatment.


Our staff are professionally trained and highly skilled and many have worked in other countries in South East Asia and the Middle East. Before we employ anyone they are fully tested to ensure they meet our high standards. Unlike many spas we do not employ poorly skilled staff just because they are attractive or cheap.


We can guarantee that when you finish your treatments at Bali Green Spa you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and fully rejuvenated.

Natural Sea Rounded

Volcanic Stones


Oils And Body Scrubs


Body Polishes


Herbal Compress

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