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Bali Green Spa - Spa Treatment Explanations And Information

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Avocado Face Mask


Avocado is one of nature's best cosmetics because it has no side effects unlike artificial cosmetics, it is also a highly effective at smoothing and moisturising dry skin. It is an extremely rich source of vitamins, minerals and lecithin which is very helpful in restoring your skin's health. When using an avocado face mask, the oil from the avocado dissolves fat and dirt that clogs your pores keeping the skin young and supple and delays the aging process.

What is Avocado Face Mask good for?


Anti-aging    Firms the skin     Skin elasticity     Acne breakouts     Blemishes  

Deep cleansing to remove the dirt and grime which build up in the skin pores

Avocado oil moisturizes the skin naturally and gives a glow to the skin

Papaya Body Mask and Wrap


Papaya contains Vitamin C, potassium and enzymes that are well known for softening and revitalizing the skin. Papaya also contains a special natural fruit enzyme called papian that works the same way as an alpha hydroxyl acid and is a great exfoliant. It will help to remove dead skin cells without causing skin irritation, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. Body wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body.

What is Papaya Body Mask and Wrap good for?

Detoxification       Skin toning      Boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism

Skin tightening               Skin softening body wraps help to remove unwanted inches

Body Mask


A body mask is effectively the same as a face mask except it covers a much larger portion of the body. The main difference is that a body mask may be a different composition in order to offer benefits for the body as a whole instead of only the face. Body masks are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins.

What is Body Mask good for?


Detoxification     Body contouring     Temporary inch loss     Skin tightening

Boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism


Body Scrub


A body scrub is a whole-body exfoliation treatment. Slightly abrasive products – usually salts, sugars, ground rice or seeds – are massaged or brushed over and into your body, often mixed in warm oils which smooth and soften your skin at the same time. A body scrub will actually help to remove all the dead skin off your body and expose a supple layer of younger skin, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

What is Body Scrub good for?

Preparing your skin for an even tan  Fight cellulite (especially caffeine or coffee scrubs)
Open and cleanse pores Remove dry itch and flakiness Nourish and moisturize you skin
Increased blood circulation


Reflexology works on the principle that there are pressure points on your feet which correspond to all the organs, glands, tissues and muscles in your whole body. Therefore, by applying informed pressure to points on your feet (and also hands), you can treat and heal problems elsewhere in the body.

What is Reflexology good for?

Relieving back and muscle strain      Sports injuries      Stress     Anxiety

Depression              Releasing tension                   • Pre-menstrual tension

Eating disorders         Poor circulation          Irritable bowel syndrome       •  Migraine

Aromatic Foot Wash

Your feet are placed into a shallow bowl of warm water that has been treated with herbal or plant oils and Balinese sea salt. The feet are then soaked, then cleaned and dried before proceeding to the massage.

What is Aromatic Foot Wash good for?

Aches and pains from standing up or walking for a long time          Stress and anxiety

Local pain or inflammation of the foot, ankle       Insomnia      Headaches

Ear Candle

Once you are in a comfortable position laying down on your side, the candle (a hollow tube) will be gently placed just inside the ear canal and lit. The candle will be held firmly in place to prevent any of the ash from falling in or around the ear. You will also feel a gentle massaging sensation to the ear drum and possibly some popping of the ear. The candle creates a negative pressure, drawing wax and debris out of the ear canal.***

What is Ear Candle good for?

Tinnitus     Sinusitis    Glue Ear    • Hay fever and rhinitus    Excessive ear wax

General hearing loss          Colds         Tension headaches          Travel sickness

MAY help with Meniere's disease


*** Do not be concerned this treatment is not at all dangerous and is performed hundreds     of thousands of times every day throughout indonesia.

Shirodara Medicinal Oil Treatment

A ritual-massage that is part of the Ayurweda holistic medical practice. A deep and soothing massage, it includes warmed oil being poured slowly onto your forehead – onto your Ajna  "third eye" chakra – to help you focus and relax.

What is Shirodara Medicinal Oil Treatment good for?

Helps with stress and its ill effects on the nervous system   Increases spiritual awareness

Insomnia    Fatigue     Tension   Anxiety   Anger   Chronic headaches Rheumatism

Hypertension   Asthma   Rejuvenates the entire face and softens worry lines

Heightens the senses   Activates the pituitary gland     Mood and depression disorders






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