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To Make A Reservation Request And To Get Our Internet Discounts/Offers


Please Supply The Following Information *


Your Name


Date And Time You Would Like To Visit The Spa


The Treatment(s) You Would Like

OR An Estimate Of How Much Time You Wish To Spend At The Spa

So We Can Reserve The Staff/Rooms/(Transport) For Your Visit


If You Want To Use The Free Pick Up And Return Service *


Name And Address Of Your Hotel/Villa


The Name You Are Booked In Under At The Hotel/Villa

(Without your name hotel security may not let the driver into the hotel to pick you up)


Number Of Guests (1 Or More There Is No Minimum)


We Will Send You A Reply Email With Either *


A Confirmation Accepting Your Reservation


An Offer Of An Alternate Time If The Spa Is Full At The Time You Requested


A Request For Further Information






Bali Green Spa, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Bali Green Spa - Reservation Request

Your Name

Name of Your Hotel

Your Email Address

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We Can Not Confirm A Reservation Without Both The Date And Time


If we were to confirm a reservation, for example for the 12th of March, with no specific time, it would not be possible for us to guarantee that there will rooms, therapists or transport available at the time you wanted to come to the spa.


If You Are Booking A Reservation To Visit The Spa After Immediately Arriving In Bali,

Please Allow 1,5 Hours To Arrive At Your Hotel From The Airport And Get Checked In.


Many visitors seem to have been told that it will only take 30 minutes from their flight arriving in Bali to get checked into their hotel. This may be just about possible at 4:00am on a Sunday morning but extremely unlikely if you arrive during the day/evening. It can take between 30 minutes and 1,5 hours to clear customs and immigration, depending on how busy (perhaps from a delayed flight arriving just before your flight) or what the security level of the airport is at the time. The travel time to your hotel will depend on the time you arrive in Bali, as in every other city in the world the traffic is much slower during the morning/lunchtime/evening “rush hour” periods.


We Do Not Use The American Date System (MM/DD/YYYY) In Indonesia


To avoid any misunderstandings could you please write dates in any of the following formats


a) DD Mmmmm YYYY (12(th) March 2012 or 12(th) Mar 2012)

b) DD/MM/YYYY (12/3/2012)

c) YYYY/MM/DD (2012/3/12)


Using this example in US format 3/12/2012 would be mistakenly read by us as the 3rd of December 2012 not the 12th of March 2012.


Please Send Us The Correct Hotel/Villa Name And Address Or We May Not Be Able To Confirm Your Booking Or Provide Free Transport


There are about 500 Hotels and 10,000+ Villas in Bali, many with similar names, it is often very difficult for us locate where you are staying if it is not one of the well known hotels/villas. Usually the area is enough, for example Villa XXX in Seminyak. If we cannot locate the hotel/villa on the internet we will email you for more information before confirming the reservation.


The Free Pickup And Return Service Is Only Guaranteed With A Reservation In Advance


Our Free Pickup/Return service is provided as courtesy service using our own vehicles/drivers and at our discretion, and as such is subject to availability.


It is only guaranteed with a reservation in advance, so please include a request for the service when making your reservation request.


If you make a reservation at short notice, we will always try to provide the service but we can not guarantee it will be available at the time you want to come to the spa.


The service is only provided within our designated pick up areas. (see MAPS)


The service only provides a pick up from your hotel/villa (only) and return to your hotel/villa or a convenient spot such as a restaurant, shop etc.


If You Do Not Receive An Email From Us Within A Day Then We Have Not Received Your Email


We always reply to any email received but some emails sent to us have arrived as late as 4 days after they were sent and some have not arrived at all. If you have not received a reply from us please check your spam folder, just in case your email provider has decided our reply is spam. If there is nothing in the spam folder, please check that the email address you used, is the correct email address for the spa, then resend the email or send us a new email. Sadly even in the technologically amazing world we live in, things are still far from perfect.


Please Read Our Email Reply Because It May Be A Request For More Information And Not A Confirmation Of Your Reservation


After you have emailed the spa with a reservation request please always check your email for our reply and please read the email. We may have been unable to confirm your reservation if we are fully booked at the date/time you have requested or we may require further information to complete the reservation.

























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